House Washing

1. Complete chimney exteriors.

2.  Complete roof including black mold stains.

3.  Complete siding of vinyl or wood including cedar shakes.

4.  Complete decking of wood & composite materials.

5.  Complete fencing of any material.

6.  Sidewalks of brick, cement, pavement, or cultured stone.

7. Window Awnings

8. Concrete Driveways

9. Block Walls

Roof Washing

Roof maintenance is something many homeowners overlook. A dirty roof can be very costly. When buildup occurs on shingles it directly affects the life of the shingle and its performance. What many people are unaware of is the job of shingles. Shingles are designed to keep your home warm and dry. When moss, soot, tree sap, and leaves build up on a roof, they keep the shingles from doing their job. A dirty shingle builds up water, snow, and ice, the 3 worst things for a roof. A dirty roof becomes a major, very expensive problem in time as it shortens the life expectancy of your shingles. Having a properly cleaned roof is money well spent.